5 must have amenities in a workplace

Amenities and accommodations are becoming the main differentiator around offices. Some are designing huge resting areas for employees to feel at home, others are installing tv screens for basketball breaks, and there are the ones that go beyond the simple coffee bars and bring in gourmet restaurants and international coffee shops. However, there are some basic amenities workplaces must have in order to comply with what the law says.

These are some of them:

1. All employees should have a flat surface in which they can have their lunch at. Although this can be a standard work desk or table, it’s really important for employers to think beyond this. It’s not healthy for workers to sit in the same place for eight hours straight without socializing with other team members. That’s without mentioning they will be looking at their computer screen all day long!

2. If a workplace doesn’t provide a cafeteria where hot food can be obtained, then the location must provide heating facilities like microwaves and kettles. This will guarantee employees can cook food and make hot drinks in a safe environment. It’s really important to have these facilities in a sanitized and cleanable area.

3. Employers must consider pregnant or nursing mothers. For this particular necessity, rest facilities should be provided close to sanitary areas, as well as a place for pregnant women to lie down.

4. Although WCs are definitely not the hottest topic to talk about, they are for sure very important in office spaces. Paper towels with disposal facilities should always be available, as well as hot air dryers, hand washing facilities, and soap. On top of this, employers should provide hand washing facilities for workers to clean their hands at all times in workin areas, break rooms, and eating areas.

5. If workers don’t have a stable workplace and must travel or move to other offices constantly, then employers should ensure safe custody of personal property. Additionally, if employees work with protective clothing and equipment, then there must be a separate area for storage to avoid contamination of personal property.

Are you providing these amenities and facilities in your workplace? If not, this should become one of your priorities. Remember a workplace is also a place for employees to be secure, healthy and happy.

5 Must Have Amenities in a Workplace
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