5 Reasons Why You Should Work Hard and Travel Hard

You’re told that you can’t have it all — a good career, great relationships, and an active personal life full of vacations and amazing life experiences. But why not? New York travel company AllTheRooms is here to fight for a better life balance. They’ve rounded up five reasons why you should be traveling just as hard as you work.

  1. Relieve stress

We’ve all been there. Worked too hard one week, spent a lot of late nights at the office, even sacrificed weekends. Having a job is tough and can be very stressful. We all need time to relax and recuperate. It’s important to maintain that work-life balance everyone mentions — whether it’s hanging out with your family, partying hard with your friends, or traveling the world any spare minute you get. By spending time away from deadlines and spreadsheets, you’ll feel a lot more refreshed when you return, plus you’re more likely to be motivated to continue doing a great job. And hey, you’ll even have more to talk about with your colleagues!

  1. Follow and appreciate your passions

Some people are in the position where they absolutely love their job and it fulfills a lot of their goals in life. Others use their job as a tool to get by and to pay the bills. But one thing a vacation can do is help you realize what’s important, especially if you’re feeling unfulfilled at work. It may be the experience you need to make a change in your personal life. Perhaps you’ll feel inspired to study photography, maybe enroll in a language class, or start experimenting with new foods. However, you find your new passion, be sure to embrace it.

  1. Work pays for travel

You work hard for good reason and you deserve the money you receive. So it seems fitting that the energy you put into your job essentially pays for you to explore the world. Perhaps you aspire to travel to 30 countries by the time you reach 30 — that’s a pricey trip. But by applying yourself and counting the pennies, you can afford your vacation. What’s more, you’ll enjoy your time away because you’ll know it hard-earned!

  1. Learn different skills

Throughout your job, you pick up a whole host of skills and knowledge which you develop over time by taking on new responsibilities. The same happens with traveling, you learn more things the more you do it. New countries, cultures, and cuisines all open you up to taking on a whole range of transferable skills.

  1. Meet other people

You work colleagues may be your best friends or you may feel pretty indifferent towards them. Alternatively, you may work from home and feel slightly isolated from regular human contact. Whatever your social situation, there are always tons of new people to meet through traveling. New friendships tend to go hand-in-hand with new places, so why not take advantage of the international community just waiting for you to arrive?  Backpacking trips, in particular, are great for meeting other travelers — hostels, meet-ups, and free events are ideal for expanding your social circle and creating, what could be, lifelong bonds.

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Sage Fitzpatrick is a travel blogger currently living in London. She can be found drinking tea, reading and traveling the world. When she’s not traveling she spends her time blogging about her travels over at A Virtual Postcard.


5 Reasons Why You Should Work Hard and Travel Hard
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