Become a lead magnet

Every time a company has the opportunity to interact with the outside world there’s a chance to tell its story and sell its value. That’s why it’s fundamental for businesses to know some basics on how to deal with future clients and leads. Well, although you may be at a cocktail party, chances are that at some point, someone there could mention your company as the place to go.

We talked to our account management team, experts on client management and client service, and these were some of the tips they gave us.

1. Treat the “first contact” as gold

When you contact a client for the first time, the main goal is for him to remember the brand as positive and helpful. This means it’s necessary to reach the client with valuable information to add to the conversation. Don’t call your client to just ask information. Remember the person on the other side it’s expecting for you to facilitate his life, not to make him work.

2. Know your company

As wacky as it sounds, many workers make an eight of themselves every time they’re trying to explain what does their company do. Make sure your team knows the business. If necessary, schedule a day for them to talk with some of the main departments and leaders. That will guarantee them to have a global perspective of the company. The last thing you want to happen is to lose a client because an employee doesn’t have enough information about its work.

3. Choose your questions

Be like an astute journalist with only some minutes available to make an interview. Choose your questions wisely in order to know your client. One of them, many people forget, is to understand when and how is the best way to contact their client. So make sure you ask the person during what time of the day can you reach them and what’s the best way (phone, text, mail). One of the main reasons clients get annoyed during a business call is because they’re introduced to an infinite questionary about their lives.

4. Have an established plan with future steps

Once you know your client’s specific needs, it’s time for you to be totally in charge. Based on your experience you should guide the client on every step of the process and make him feel he’s receiving a unique, personalized attention. Consider that time is vital in this part of the process. Clients are expecting rapid solutions and answers. Otherwise, there are many other businesses offering the same services you are.

5. Make sure the client feels you know him

There are times when you’ll have to reach a client more than once in order to make some follow-ups. However, don’t fall on the mistake of asking him questions you already know or have repeated conversations. The key is to have your notes in handy so you can talk to your client as if you had been meeting constantly ever since that first call. It’s all about knowing how to “read” the client and offering the best alternatives.

5 simple steps to become a lead magnet
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