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Business automation has become the center of controversy in recent years, as many people fear that automated practices will replace human jobs. In reality, automation in a workplace serves to enhance an employee’s role by offering assistance and freeing up time.

There are plenty of non-threatening automations that can and should be implemented into your business. Here are some of the best business automation upgrades that your employees will love.

Smart Scheduling

Smart scheduling is an automation that both you and your employees will benefit from. From the management perspective, it greatly reduces time spent crafting and changing employee schedules. From the employee side of things, they will relish the control and flexibility smart scheduling offers. Using smart scheduling technology, like the Online Employee Scheduling Software – Humanity offers, will empower your employees to manage their shift changes, send them reminders about upcoming work, and integrate with your payroll for a streamlined process.

Smart scheduling also has the capability to provide and read analytics, altering your schedules to account for busy times of day and seasonality throughout the year.

Social Media Posting

Even having a full-time social media manager doesn’t negate the necessity of social media posting software. This software allows them to manage everything from a central platform, so that they can focus on curating and creating great content to share. This also opens up time for them to interact with customers and build your brand.

Look for social media software that can post to Instagram, as well as the other major platforms. At present, Facebook is the only social media program that allows you to schedule posts within the program. The others require external software and many of those offerings don’t work well with Instagram. As Instagram has the highest rate of engagement with users, you can’t afford to ignore the opportunities it presents.

Email Marketing

Email marketing automations are an effective way to generate leads and create brand awareness and trust with past and future customers. Rather than recreate the wheel, look at how you can streamline your email marketing and sales funnel by crafting great content once and setting it up as an automation.

Using a service like Mailchimp will allow you to handle monthly newsletters as well. Rather than wasting time focusing on hitting the send button, use the scheduling capabilities to have the email go out in bursts by geographic location at optimal times. Additionally, you can change the subject line and send the same content to those who chose not to open the first email blast. This automation is a valuable tool that will enhance your marketing strategy and your employees’ productivity.

Customer Service

While robots will never replace the human touch, they play a significant role in customer service. You can greatly reduce the time spent answering simple questions, such as your operating hours or if you offer a particular service, by using bots in a chat setting. Depending on the program you use, these bots have the ability to answer simple questions while redirecting the more involved inquiries to you.

Additionally, there are various customer service platforms you can use to keep your business moving forward while addressing customer concerns. Zendesk is an app used to track customer service inquiries and assign tickets to the relevant parties. This enables problems and queries to get redirected to the right person, rather than having someone listen to hold music while you try to figure out the answer to their question.


IFTTT is a coding function that stands for “If This Then That.” This function can help link your apps together via a web tool. For example, you can set up an IFTTT on your computer so that every time an email comes through with a sales order, it gets listed in a spreadsheet. You can also have an IFTTT set up to notify you via text when you receive a shipping or receipt confirmation.

By incorporating automations in your business, you make daily tasks easier for your employees. They’ll appreciate the helping hand and you’ll appreciate the improved productivity.

Business Automation Upgrades Your Employees Will Thank You For

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