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With their peculiar coffee aroma, colorful walls with all kinds of artwork and comfy couches all over the place, coworking spaces got a soul. From the moment you put a step into any of its rooms, coworking spaces shout they’re alive! If you don’t believe it, start by reading every story on their walls and listening to the testimonies hidden on each of the desks.

Furthermore, everyone who works here develops a sense of collaboration. In fact, people are so friendly and open to sharing their knowledge, there are times you explain this behavior with magic. Is a powerful conjury given with the membership?

As if this wasn’t enough, coworking spaces love being the host. That’s why fitness classes, happy hours and friendly lunches take place. The most wonderful part is people are treated like superstars! They even have a whole team supporting their daily needs and access to out of the league amenities.

Because coworking spaces are our Hollywood favorites today, here are the nominees for the coolest co-working spaces in the USA.

1. WeWork

WeWork offers workspaces and services in 19 U.S. cities. Therefore, there’s a high probability you a have a WeWork down your street. Their main focus is to build community so they’re highly recognized for their networking events and their membership plans that fit your needs. Their benefits go beyond the boardroom, so they’ve partnered with their favorite brands to make their members’ work-life balance easier. Some of these perks include discounts on gym memberships and car rentals.

2. Techspace

TechSpace combines a powerful operating platform with the best tech connectivity for businesses. With creativity and beauty in every space, this coworking space offers inspiration in every corner. Choose one of the nine locations across the country, if the ultimate technology trends and systems are a must for your company!

3. The LAB Miami

Located in the ultra-hip Wynwood area of Miami, this coworking space comes alive with a talented, diverse group of people whose common desire is to drive inspiration. Some benefits include LAB Bikes & Holtz Longboards for members to use around Wynwood to take a break from work and four unique venue options to host any kind of event. In other words, it’s the perfect match for anyone looking for chill vibes, friendly staff and a motivating atmosphere.

4. Bond Collective

If you’ve always imagined working in a luxurious office space, Bond Collective coworking offers an exclusive vibe with a friendly staff designed to feel like home. As Bond Collective’s director Elide Grabowski says “Bond Collective’s signature style is characterized by its relaxed sophistication, with a rich combination of classic fabrics and plush, new age details”. One perk loved by the community is the unlimited beer on tap.

5. Parisoma

If your dog is your best companion and is always inspiring you with new fury ideas, you should try Parisoma. Additionally, there’s always a place to park your bike if you’ve decided to make exercise before work and a delicious breakfast every Friday. This workspace offers open office table seating with dedicated desks and private offices to create an exciting environment for freelancers. Bonus: Their coffee bar serves PHILZ coffee!

6. Village Workspace

This coworking space was designed for every type of business. From tech workers to savvy professionals there’s a variety of rooms for every necessity including private offices and cabins. Characterized by its creative and technological workspace, its modern offices are designed to brainstorm, hold a workshop or launch a new product. Other benefits highlighted by the community are their stylish rooms and event spaces. Ready to get your work done while being surrounded by a vibrant community?

7. Servcorp

This luxury flexible office-space company is giving coworking a twist! It has partnered up with In the know Experiences (ITKE) to give their members access to VIP events. These experiences include tickets to the Broadway Hamilton Show, courtside seating at the U.S Open and Red-Carpet passes to the American Music Awards in Los Angeles. The partnership with ITKE also gives Servcorp’s members the opportunity to customize corporate trips and travel itineraries.

What are the next steps? Contact us to find the nearest coworking space in your area, move in and rock your business!

The coolest coworking spaces around the USA
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