What Are the Makings of Every Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Office?

This is a quick glance at the most relevant coworking news around the world. It will only take a few minutes for you to become an office space expert.

Common Desk has named 2018 the year of innovation

Common Desk has chosen 2018 to be the year of innovations. This coworking space is planning to expand beyond Dallas-Fort Worth to other locations such as Houston, Charlotte, Austin, and Atlanta. As CEO Nick Clark said, the company is also expecting to open another location in Dallas in the near future.

On the other hand, Common Desk also scooped up The Gym of Social Mechanics, that serves in all of its locations, and will soon launch its app called Ellum. A tool that will allow its tenants to easily order coffee.

On top of this, its coworking space at the Trammell Crow Center is undergoing a $140 million renovation to offer different services. For instance, the space will include 20,00 square feet of coworking space, and 32,000 square feet of a private cocktail lounge, enterprise suits and a coffee shop.

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What is the number 1 office perk for North Americans?

Many companies have spent millions on office perks such as treadmill desks, nap pods, and ping pong tables. However, the firm Future Workplace did a recent survey that reveals that natural light is the number one perk wanted by Americans. Well after surveying 1,614 employees, the study showed that access to natural light and views to the outdoors was the most desired element.

The desire to have daylight and views may be due to the increased usage of mobile devices. The eMarketer Mobile Research study reported that Americans over 18 spend approximately four hours a day on their mobile devices. Meaning that the longer people use their technology devices, the more they want to have visual breaks.

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Espacio Nueva Carolina: The photogenic coworking space

There’s a coworking space in Madrid that was made for the Instagram age. Its pink walls, plant decorations, and terrace make this space an Instagram fave.

Designed by Cordero Atelier, the space blends Art Deco elements with 1950s- style furniture. The location that includes offices, meeting rooms, and adaptable spaces for photo shoots and exhibitions is waiting for the next selfie!

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Level Office has a new name

Level Office has changed its name to Novel Coworking. This new name more accurately represents the company philosophy: partnering with clients to provide a space and resources for them to innovate and write their own business story.


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Coworking news: A quick glance
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