The word entrepreneur is probably one of the most common words know a day.  When we hear it, some of us imagine a luxurious business life and question why we didn’t think of that innovative idea before. However, it’s usual we obliterate the true inspiration behind the company and the moment of truth that made the entrepreneur’s heart to beat again. A decision that might have taken long nights of pillow talks and maybe years of uncertainty and doubt.

Sheila J Davis, founder of YES! Women’s Network, Speaker, & Digital Marketer, shared with us the moment when she found her true motivation. The journey of emotions that were part of her entrepreneur’s venture and how as a woman, wife, and mother she helps other women around the world to find their real selves.

This wonderful woman gives us three tips to start living our dreams without fears that might be stopping us from discovering our genuine potential.

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3 Powerful Steps for Getting Inspired as an Entrepreneur
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