Generation Z in the workplace

We’re all familiarized with millennials, the way they’re driving the workplace to modify, and how they’ve challenged old-schooled structures in business. However, it’s time to prepare for the next generation: Gen-Z.

Gen-Zers alias The Digital Kings, are young adults born between 1996 and 2010. Since they were small kids they’ve known how to use a smartphone, so have developed powerful social media skills. Although they’re digital natives, Gen-Zers are a socially conscious generation characterized by being inclusive, caring about human interactions and communities, and valuing their privacy.

The question is, are we prepared for this digital generation? Let’s go through the major aspects and see if our workplace fits these characteristics.

1. Personal growth

The essential element these young people talk about is their growth as human beings. The opportunity to professionally escalate is no longer their main motivation in a company. They want to be in a place where they can fulfill their “life mission”. For this reason, ping-pong tables and beer fridges won’t serve as recruitment tools anymore. Instead, they will look for benefits related to health, skill building, and events where they can learn new information.

2. Let them own 

Trust your Gen-Z employees and let them have their own projects. Due to their early approach to technology, they’ve developed an independent personality and like ownership. This makes them feel self-motivated, part of a bigger project, and also encourage them to learn ways to think outside of the box to accomplish their goals. Plus, you will also gain loyal employees because you’ve recognized their potential.

3. Face-to-face interactions

Although this generation likes to feel empowered, they also ask for constant feedback. They crave for a space where they can discuss the lessons learned and the obstacles they’ve encountered. By doing this, they feel the company cares about their development and responsibilities in their roles. This is also a great opportunity to understand this young demographic and hear what they have to say about the perspectives and behavior of the youth.

Companies can have a mentorship system where experienced employees can guide them through this process.

4. Flexibility and technology

It’s no surprise Gen-Z view technology as an essential tool to stay connected and work efficiently. Therefore, it’s important to have a workplace with constant technology upgrades and a technology-driven environment. This also means to integrate a “work smart, not hard” mantra so employees can enjoy from a more dynamic, efficient workforce.

5. Hands on design 

Workplace design will be something to look out for. For instance, Gen-Z will break the link between physical spaces and organizational status. For example, the private suites for CEOs and coordinators.

On the other hand, although Gen-Zers enjoy working in an open space layout they also look for personal spaces and boundaries in their workspace. Therefore, it’s necessary to provide them with collaborative spaces, without the complete exclusion of privacy.

So, are you prepared to welcome this new generation?

Generation Z in the workplace
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