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Just when she thought everything was ready, Maria realized she had no idea about the amenities included in her new office space. Was it necessary to take a coffee machine? Could Rob (the sportsman) use the gym facilities without an extra budget? After a nervous attack, Maria understood the importance to read every point described in the lease agreement and to evaluate not only the square meters but the experience her workers could live due to the amenities and services offered by the business center.

Your office space search could be free of meltdowns and panic attacks. Ask for guidance and make sure the office you rent fits your business’ personality and the workers’ needs. Here’s a list of the most appreciated amenities by millennials nowadays. We don’t want you to end up in the fanciest building with your old office chairs and the borrowed coffee machine.

Fitness Centers with Showers

Exercise is one of the main activities millennials have in their daily schedule. If an office includes a gym, you help employees save at least $50 per month. Fitness centers usually include showers used by the people who train and could benefit those who jog or bike to work.

Bonus: People won’t have to drive anywhere to exercise!

Dog- Friendly Office Space

Millenials opt to have furry friends as their loyal company. Therefore, a dog-friendly office space would be highly appreciated. If you still doubt about this, think how happy your employees would be and the way dogs could help connect workers with one another.


No matter your workers’ age, there’s a high probability they would start their mornings with a good hot coffee. Therefore, if they know they can make a fresh cup when they arrive at the office, most employees would be ecstatic.


People spend more than eight hours in their workplace! It would be great if we consider breakrooms in our amenity list and ways to improve our employees’ satisfaction. Active pauses can boost the creation of new ideas and strengthen a teamwork philosophy.

Window View

Imagine a cramped, closed dark place with boring desks and chairs. Now place yourself there for 5 days a week and extended business hours. Disastrous, right? Try to search for an office with windows view. Even when employees are inside an office, and get exposed to daylight, their overall satisfaction and productivity are improved.

Bike Racks

People are more aware of environmentally friendly methods of transportation and ways to avoid long hours in traffic. That’s why employees will give you credit if they can ride their bike to work and actually leave them in a secure place.

If you need extra guidance we will be happy to help you throughout your search. Remember finding the perfect office space is not only about a “work-life balance” but a “work-life seamless integration”.

Amenities wanted by millenials in their office
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