OfficeList's 14th birthday comes with IT surprises

OfficeList is celebrating 14 years in the market. CEO Uddy Carmi tell us how this anniversary is the beginning of major projects in the company.

1. What challenges have you faced regarding technology in your company?

Technology is our ally. It is though, a fast-paced, ever-changing one. Keeping up to date with the latest trends (we are currently updating our site and technology) has presented two main concerns. Our team has had to learn new frameworks they were unfamiliar with. This makes seasoned professionals feel like amateurs for a while. They love learning though. Another challenge I personally face as a CEO is trying to avoid dependence on someone specific. After years of having the same people work on our ecosystem, its hard for someone new to dive into existing code seamlessly. Everything needs to be properly documented to address this.

2. What are some of the IT projects you’re working on right now and how do you think that will positively affect your company?

We are completely rethinking our site. It’s not just a redesign but a full on a strategy to improve the user experience and conversion potential. Our search technology is also being redesigned to make it faster, more efficient and capable for global expansion. Lastly, we have been experimenting with Single Page Application, which creates a seamless experience where the user feels as if they were on a native application. We are constantly reading and trying new tech.

3. What was the main incentive for working on such a big project?

User experience and site conversions. We want to provide the best interface so our clients and partners receive the maximum benefit with the lowest friction points.

4. How will you prepare your team regarding the changes coming up and communicate your clients you’re innovating your main platform?

Our team has been an integral part of the process. By being in constant contact with our clients and partners, their feedback is invaluable. Our communications team is currently designing the strategy to inform and guide our users through the new platforms currently under development.

5. Do you think the brand’s image will be affected by launching the website? How so?

We certainly hope so. We are updating our image to be in line with our growth strategy. After 15 years, there may be some initial shock regarding corporate identity but we feel it is important to reflect our goals and vision with the face we put out there.

6. Do you have a strategy regarding constantly innovating the company’s technology and website?

ALWAYS BE TESTING. You’re probably up to a good start but there will always be significant room for improvement. Your market is constantly evolving and so should you.

7. What would you recommend those companies who want to renovate their website?

Take your time to do it right. Choosing the right design, UX, UI, frameworks, and platforms will have a direct impact on your bottom line. Plan for constant iteration from day one. Your site should be a living organism that is influenced by your social, sales and marketing ecosystem so don’t redesign and stop. In such a dynamic and competitive world, if you’re not moving forward you’re moving backward.

OfficeList’s 14th birthday comes with IT surprises
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