The Perks of a Ping-Pong Table: Tips for a Productive Office

What every company seeks is the optimal formula to ensure their employees are productive and happy, and of course that they are doing their best work each day. When thinking of London’s business centre, Shoreditch increasingly comes to mind for start-ups and smaller enterprises – there’s a reason it’s earned the nickname ‘the Silicon Roundabout’. The neighbourhood features countless start-ups and tech companies, many of which have taken inspiration from the offices of their Silicon Valley counterparts, complete with ping pong tables, nap rooms, free food and more.

Which begs the question, do these perks make for a productive and happy office environment? What is the secret to having a productive workspace? Unfortunately, there is no clear answer, but there are a number of ways that you can promote a better, more productive working environment.

Having a Good Relationship with your Boss

 Enjoying a good relationship with your team makes going into work every day more enjoyable, however, something that is proven to affect an employee’s productivity is their relationship with their boss. A boss who makes their employees feel valued and appreciated goes a long way – so much so that a team with a good boss works harder than one with an uninspiring leader. Some research even suggests that this increased level of productivity is equivalent to one extra worker on the team.

Taking Breaks

 Working 8 hours will take a toll on anyone, it is impossible to be productive when staring at a screen all day. It goes without saying that a lunch break is imperative, however taking other short breaks throughout the day has been proven to positively effect productivity.

Some office spaces promote these breaks during the day by providing entertainment for their employees such as a ping pong table, which research by Dr Daniel Amen, a member of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, says is the world’s best brain sport –as it increases concentration, alertness and develops tactical thinking skills by activating specific areas of the brain.

A ping pong table can be a hefty investment for some companies. That’s why a co-working or serviced office space, such as Proper Office, a textbook example of the type of shared office space Shoreditch has to offer, can be a great solution. Many of these types of work spaces include a ping pong table or other activities for employees to use and boost their productivity.

 Good Lighting

In a study conducted by the American Society of Design, it was revealed that 68% of employees complain about the lighting situation in their offices, with the two largest complaints being that the lights are too dimmed or too harsh – employees are looking for that perfect happy medium.

It was shown in a study conducted in the UK and published in The Responsible Workplace, that the number one factor for employees’ level of satisfaction was the number of windows in the building. The study showed that not only did the light from the windows affect how well people could see, but it also had effects on their mood, behaviour and hormonal balance. Natural lighting has proven to produce happier workers, less absences and even fewer sick days – because satisfaction among workers is increased by natural lighting, so is productivity.

So, do start-ups know what they’re doing? The answer would seem to be a resounding yes. The perks they offer give their employees much needed breaks, which improve their productivity – so that ping pong table really is more than an unnecessary indulgence. However, normal office environments can be just as good, as there are many elements at work that make up a productive space to promote happy and productive employees. And whether you’re looking for a traditional office, a shared office, or a service office space, Shoreditch has it all – so that you can decide the best environment for you.

Author’s Bio: Daniel Moore is an experienced content writer by profession and he mainly writes on different aspects of business from business start-ups to expansion.


The Perks of a Ping-Pong Table: Tips for a Productive Office

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