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One of the things new startups and small businesses are constantly in need of is cheap office spaces for rent. The Kauffman Foundation estimated the average cost to start a startup was about $30,000 in 2009. Most don’t have the bankroll to cover exorbitant overhead costs, which has led to the growth of the office space leasing industry. Virtual offices are one of the newest options entrepreneurs and new companies are using to get started because they offer convenience, affordability, and flexibility.

Here are three examples of businesses that virtual office space would be perfect for.

1.) Tech Startup: Whether you’re developing a new app or the next Facebook, tech startups are many times conceived in a parent’s basement, or in a cramped apartment. Which makes sense considering the only space you really need is measured in megabytes. Eventually, though, if your business is going to grow you’ll need a place to schedule meetings and make conference calls. Virtual offices allow you to rent the space you need for as little as a couple hours a week.

2.) Tutoring/College Prep: With the increased emphasis on higher education over the last decade, more and more kids are opting for college. A tutoring/college prep service is another business that can be run out of a home, but having a professional place to meet potential clients is a great way to make a first impression. Also, the meeting rooms could be used for a once-a-month group seminar or workshop.

3.) Traveling Sales: One of the oldest professions has evolved to a point where we no longer see many briefcases carrying men going door-to-door anymore. But traveling across the country to people and businesses and making sales is still a reality in some contexts. Many office leasing companies offer the ability to use space in offices across the country meaning no matter where you’re trying to make a sale you’ll have a professional space to take them and close the deal.

Small businesses and mom and pop style shops were the cornerstone of America for the first 100 or so years of the country’s existence. The mini-Renaissance they appear to be having today is inspiring. If you are looking to make the venture into this space, a virtual office can set you apart and on the path to success.
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Virtual Offices the Perfect Fit for These 3 Businesses
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