Community managers are the ones responsible for advocating a brand on social media. Isn’t that right? Well, we thought the answer was an obvious YES, until Ana*, one of WeWork’s community managers received us in that awesome place.

While we toured, her extrovert personality arose every time she said hi to everyone. Although we tried to focus our attention on the different types of office space, the innovative phone cabinets and that cool coffee bar; we couldn’t believe how Ana knew everyone by name. She even asked a group of entrepreneurs how were their families doing!

We couldn’t stay quiet and one of us asked her the way she managed to socialize if she spent most of her time handling all of the social media. Not to forget the blog entries and the photos from every event. Her answer was a big smile and that “here we go again” face.

After she gave us a glass of that incredible fruit water as we sat on the comfy couch, we understood how wrong we were. In a coworking place, a community manager has a different connotation.

In fact, Ana served as a “connector between everyone in the place to help them exploit relationships and keep a harmonious environment, create member-to-member and member-to- partner connections, and thus create a ‘stickiness factor’ so members keep coming back”.

As if this wasn’t enough, she had also other responsibilities such as to host member gatherings, create the space “vibe”, solve billing disputes and to “get the right mix of people so that companies and individuals derive as much value from each other”.

In other words, a community manager creates “the four pillars for a ‘sense of community’: membership, influence, integration, and emotion”.

Very different from what we thought Ana’s role was, right?

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*The name and person from this article are fictional. We invented her for narrative purposes.

What should you know about community managers in coworking spaces?

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