Why should companies invest in office space?

For many companies, office space is one of the last issues on a budget list. If their employees have where to sit and a desk to put their computer at, they’re all set to go. No matter if it’s the same old, tiny, gray cubicle that’s been around for 30 years. There are even some that discourage break rooms, comfortable chairs, and open layouts. They’re all about ♫ work, focus, reports – repeat ♫ Nevertheless, they’re missing some crucial factors that come along with an appropriate office space. These are some of the reasons why investing in a workplace is totally vital for a team.

1. Create the vibe you desire
Although it seems hard to believe, workplaces are alive. Oh yes, there are some that have a joyous personality, others that are quiet and some that shout in anger all the time. The mystery is the way that office mood spreads into everyone in the room. For example, if the space wears opaque colors in its walls with doom lights hanging from the ceiling, employees will most likely operate with that disposition. This doesn’t mean you are going to have to invest in a super fancy or “gold plated” office. It conveys that you make sure it fits your brand and culture.

2. Motivate the team with shared spaces
Office layout is really important when it comes to interaction and sharing. For example, if you provide a central coffee station or eating area, this simple design would inspire employees to mingle and gather together. Open office layouts also encourage working with people from other departments, instead of having employees in separate spaces and apart from each other.

3. Attract new employees
Every time a company needs new talent on their team, they should consider that the people being interviewed are also analyzing if the business is the adequate match for them. They evaluate everything from the first-hand shake to the vibe they get from the office and the environment. Therefore, why not make the space a great resource in the chase for recruits?

4. Give your team the right stimuli
Stimuli from design is not about pasting logos on the walls or exploring ways to fit x number of people into a space. Is all about creating something FOR the people. In other words, feeling the ethos of the company and designing to create a home for a team.

“I was previously a homicide investigator for the Department of Justice, trying to get people off death row who didn’t belong there, and this helped me realize the effect that environment can have on people – not just prison, where there is an absence of all control, but an environment of poverty, an absence of stimuli, how that affects mental health and shapes the personality… It hit me that this is not something cursory – not something about aesthetics. We shape buildings but they shape us too. We spend more waking time in our offices than anywhere else – why wouldn’t that have an impact on us? Something like 70% of people are ‘checked out’ 70% of the time [Gallup, 2013]. If we can give people the stimuli they need through their work environment – not just a purple chair! – that has an impact on individuals, families, communities, the whole country.” Monica Parker, Workplace Director at Morgan Lovell. 

5. Eliminate communication barriers
Employees who work remotely will also benefit from an adequate office. This is because there are high chances that companies that invest in workplaces will think about technology, hence breaking down communication barriers and bringing up the morale of the remote team.


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Why should companies invest in office space?
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