Workplace of the week: Peter & Adelaide Street W, Toronto

Inspired by the old saying “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”, this coworking space is all about magic. Not only does it sparks its tenants to make difficult situations the sweetest ones but to create projects that will make life richer.

What’s the secret ingredient in this lemonade? Women. Oh yes, this coworking space is specifically open to free-spirited women who are in the process of starting their new business or have been in their companies for a long run.

Plus, everything from the walls to the community is constructed by the philosophy of women working together+ strong coffee = Magic.

Workplace of the week: Peter & Adelaide Street W, TorontoWith different plans to offer, this workplace is characterized by its unique workspaces, meeting rooms, and its delicious tea and coffee. That’s without mentioning, its locker storage, printing services and a 24/7 access.

Are you wondering what the plans are? That depends on how much lemonade you want 😉

  • Whole lemon: Fixed desk
  • Half-pressed: Shared space
  • The zest: Community
  • Just a squeeze: À la carte

Workplace of the week: Peter & Adelaide Street W, TorontoWhen you become part of this driven community you can also participate in the monthly social events for casual chats, advice, sharing ideas and celebrating accomplished goals. One little secret about these gatherings: Lighthouse Lemonade is always served! Great way to start a conversation going, right?

If you have meetings with colleagues, teammates, and clients that are men, there’s nothing to worry about. This workplace supports women in every way so they’re welcome to the conference rooms.

Tenants are also encouraged to make their own events and make use of the retro kitchen, indoor “patio space”, large tables and Jungle Room. Perfect spaces for making workshops, panel discussions, roundtable chats, and team building exercises.

This is what women are saying about this coworking space:

“This place is magical, I’ve loved it since day one. Not only is the place beyond beautiful, but also the feeling you get from first stepping foot inside is the amazingness of Rachel and Ashley. If you’re looking for a place to focus and feel the vibes of really hard working women, this is the place you want to be. P.S. go to the washroom. ;)”

— Talia Bustamante

If you want to be the next lemon in this juicy lemonade you can contact us.

Workplace of the week: Peter & Adelaide Street W, Toronto
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