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The Benefits of Flexible Office Space

If there is one word with which you can sum up the current business world, it would have to be "dynamic". New companies are being created at an amazing rate, companies are growing and others are downsizing or even shutting down. Throughout history it has always been this way but right now the flux is more active than ever.

Companies big and small have had to deal with the headache of having to adapt themselves to their office space as these changes occur. Sometimes they would have to cram people into a room but other times they would have a lot of empty desks with no one to make good use of them. In the first scenario employees are not happy, noise levels are higher than normal and there is a general sense of discomfort. In the second case, people can get a lonely sense in the office and in economic terms there is money being left on the table since you are paying for the extra space you are not using.

Are There Other Options?

Luckily the entrepreneurial spirit is always looking for ways to improve how the world functions. People started to question whether companies had to adapt to their office space or if the office space could adapt to the company. This flexibility came into being by understanding that in a dynamic business world, companies were being held back by rigid office spaces and that solving this problem was going to be a clear cut success.

What is Flexible Office Space?

When a company or even an individual sets out to find flexible office space to rent, the first thing that they will realize is that this flexibility goes hand in hand with sharing a larger office space with other companies and individuals. The way flexible offices function is that a very large office space is conditioned to accommodate tens or even hundreds of people who work for different companies. Each company uses a specific set of private offices and open space workstations and pays only for those they use. If more people are hired then more spaces are used and rent is increased. If people are let go their spots are not used and rent decreases accordingly. In a nutshell, you pay for what you use.

Another key aspect of flexible office solutions is that the term is reduced considerably compared to a traditional office lease. In a traditional office space the lease goes for 5 years, but in a flexible space it can drop to a month or even less. You are no longer tied to a specific location for a long time or have to worry about subleasing a space when it no longer fits your needs. You are free to move to a more suitable location as the need arises.

The Icing on the Cake

Since you will be sharing a larger space with other companies, there are other benefits to make the deal even sweeter; the reception area, kitchen, state of the art meeting rooms and office equipment is also shared among tenants so the price for them comes at a fraction of the total cost and you will have access to facilities that you would not have at your disposal otherwise. Also, these offices usually come furnished and ready to go so you will not have to worry about spending a large part of your budget setting up your office.

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We Are Here to Help

Transitioning from the traditional mindset to the new flexible paradigm is not always easy. OfficeList has been helping companies find these types of spaces for over 10 years and we are 100% committed to helping you find yours. Our experience and industry contacts guarantee that we will be able to find a location that fits all your needs so that you can start taking advantage of the flexibility that will support your business goals.

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Office space flexibility and how it can be achieved