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Instant Offices

The concept is very straightforward. An instant office is an office you get in just a snap. Learn how it's possible to rent an office immediately, and how you will be able to benefit from this type of office.

How is it possible to rent and start using an office instantly?

You must understand there are companies behind this concept, people who really care for your business. They understand your needs because that defines their product.

They understand and work based on these main concepts:

  • Location
  • Professionalism
  • Time efficiency
  • Flexibility


How do you find an office with a professional address, a prestigious ZIP Code, maybe on a high floor, that is not going to cost you half your profits?

You probably won't. If you're not in real estate, you know what you do and you do it well, but that does not include finding office bargains in desirable zip codes.

Companies that offer instant offices are pros at finding available space in business centers, and make the most out of them. Renting one is a good way to pay just a fraction of the real cost you would pay if you were to negotiate yourself directly with the landlord.


Not feeling very professional taking business calls with your dog barking or children playing in the background? If so, it's time to move out of the home office and professionalism is at the top of your list. You need an office that will portray your company values and what you are worth. You are aware that people will be more confident to do business with a company that is well established rather than with a startup running from a basement.

Office space demonstrates professionalism and portrays security by showing an investment in top design, high quality technology, top of the line furniture and management. These facts make a big difference for your company, and you can benefit from them at a fraction of the real cost.

Time efficiency

Instant offices should be a possibility for you because it may actually cut costs for your business. Having an office requires management. This is what I mean: In your own office, you would eventually have to arrange cleaning services, fix phone lines and internet service, pay utility bills, brew fresh coffee and answer phonesÂ… oh, and replace printer cartridges and paper, deliver mail, etc. But when and how? You most likely have no free time, and hiring a person just for that seems impossible.

Well, instant office space is the answer. The managed office space is already aware of all these needs so you don't have to worry about anything other than your business. You pay one bill a month that covers all your office space expenses. Nice, isn't it?


Instant offices are a possibility for many companies because the rental agreements have a comfortable amount of flexibility. Leases and spaces are flexible, Long-term contracts are not necessary, and getting in a lease or out of it is simple. Again, you can move in next day, even same day. This is why we call it offices in an instant.

As you can see, renting serviced office space is possible and preferable for many small businesses. These offices are a reality because of the need for professional locations, fast. Find your next office and benefit instantly from the services and flexibility of a managed office rental.

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