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Types of Office Space Available for Rent

Having a comfortable place to conduct your business is a key factor to achieve success. We are all too familiar with horror stories related to running a business from your spare room at your house, but what most people do not know is that there is a wide array of options out there to accommodate all types of businesses and individuals alike.

Traditional Office Space

The one type most people are familiar with is what is considered as traditional office space. This is where you rent a space directly from the landlord or its representative and it's up to you to build, furnish and run it. All utilities are your responsibility and the usual lease term is between 3 and 5 years.

Executive Office Space

In the 1990s a new trend gained strength, increasing your options to find available office space. You may have heard of executive office space, business centers, flexible offices or managed offices. All of these terms refer to a large office space that is built and maintained by an independent operator who in turn leases smaller, fully furnished spaces to individuals and companies. As part of the deal, common areas are also included such as conference rooms, kitchen and break areas, as well as a professionally staffed reception. Pricing is generally all-inclusive so you do not need to care about paying multiple bills every month, since you will get a single invoice from the center operator covering all charges at a predefined rate so you will not have any unforeseen surprises.

Co-Working Space

The latest trend in office space available for rent is quite recent and is known as co-working. In essence it has a common ground with executive suites but it has a collaborative and informal aspect that makes it very attractive to some people. Creative professionals, young enthusiastic entrepreneurs and people who like to be around people are a very good match for co-working spaces.

Virtual Offices

If having a physical place to work is not that important to you, but on occasions you need to meet with customers and having those meetings at your local coffee shop is no longer a viable option, you can take advantage of virtual offices. With a virtual office (usually offered by an executive suite provider) you get a physical address to receive your correspondence, a phone line that is answered by a trained receptionist and forwarded to your personal line as needed, and a few hours per month of actual office space usage. There are many packages that also include meeting room hours and secretarial services a la carte.

To begin your search, take a look at our list of virtual offices available in Atlanta, Georgia. Atlanta is home to 16 Fortune 500 Companies as well as 5-star hotels like the Ritz Carlton and a global conference center. The city offers a variety of office types including virtual, executive, coworking and temporary.

Which one is a good fit?

With all the options available in the market at this day and age, we at OfficeList are confident that there is a suitable alternative for your business. No matter if you are a solo professional running your personal business, a small promising company with just a handful of employees or a larger company with 20+ full time employees, we will understand your requirements and place you at the perfect office space available to match your particular needs.

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