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Office Space for Rent

Small companies and independent professionals alike may have a hard time finding office spaces for rent since large landlords are looking for guarantees that are seldom available to them. This creates a huge gap in the market that breeds innovation.

Concepts like Executive Office Suites, Virtual Offices and Coworking arose to satisfy a latent need for flexible smart workspaces. OfficeList was built to leverage these flexible workspace alternatives and help you rent office space on your terms.

Let's look at the options out there and how the process works, so you can determine where your specific operational and budget needs are met. A professional place to work is not that easy to find. You can set up your own office but what typically happens is an environment is created that lacks the elements to foster creativity and employee satisfaction.

Choosing a Configuration that Works for Your Business

Depending on the type of work and the profiles of the professionals your company employs, you can set up in one or a combination of the following:

Open space plans where teams can interact and interdepartmental collaboration is encouraged. Rates per seat are lower but due to its nature, privacy is somewhat compromised. Meeting and conference rooms are set up to address this.

Private offices provide, as the term implies, privacy. They do come at a higher cost per head but private office space to rent in alternative workspace is typically affordable and well-priced for the comfort and prestige they provide.

Types of Office Space

When companies have the need to rent office space, they can choose from:

  • Conventional Commercial Real Estate
  • Serviced Executive Office Suites
  • Co-working Facilities
  • Work-from-home Model with the Professional Presence of a Virtual Office

Large corporations often opt for conventional leases and they ought to, it's the most convenient and cost effective solution for their needs though should always consider shared offices for branch locations and disaster recovery.

Small companies, independent professionals and entrepreneurs are better served by opting for executive office suites. Young entrepreneurs tend to enjoy the community sense found in Coworking done well or the share space found in flexible workspace environments. Lastly, if you're just starting, working from home and cannot afford office space to rent, we strongly advise to opt for the latter and set up a virtual office to portray a professional image and have a place to meet.

When a large corporation looks for office space, the name of the game changes. Here, the tenant holds the reigns. It's a dream scenario for the landlord. Well-funded, access to credit, long term security just makes their mouths water. Due to the size of the requirement, when a large company looks for office space for rent, it has access to premium locations and services. It makes sense for them to build-out to suit and include all the conveniences and perks their staff needs to perform at its peak. We can say, ‘the book's been written here so let's move on.

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