Ka-Pow!!! We got your office search

Running a successful business is one of the most rewarding activities there are. But parallel to operating it there are various tasks that must be done but are not directly related to the company's main activities. One of these is the search for office space.

Ka-Pow!!! We got your office searchRunning a successful business is one of the most rewarding activities there are. But parallel to operating it there are various tasks that must be done but are not directly related to the company's main activities. One of these is the search for office space.Some companies won't find this a big deal since someone will most likely be in charge of specifically carrying this task. However, there are startups, freelancers, and small teams that can experience their office search as a daunting task in which inexperience can turn out to be their worst enemy.

OfficeList to the Rescue!

For over ten years OfficeList has been living and breathing the ins and outs of making the perfect match between a company and an office space. We understand that the perfect spaceis the foundation on which companies can perform what they do best and become an essential part of their growth and success.

With direct contacts with thousands of property managers throughout the USA and Canada, we know each location's main advantages as well as its disadvantages. By listening to your needs and making use of our in-depth knowledge of the industry we hand-pick a few of the locations in our inventory to present to you as viable options for your needs. We take into account your location preference, budget, desired look and feel, growth outlook, essential amenities and any other special requirements you might have.

Once we have identified these locations and you have expressed an initial interest in them, OfficeList takes care of organizing tours that best match your schedule so that you can get a first-hand impression of each property. The next step is usually narrowing down your options and getting specific and detailed proposals in your hands to compare and evaluate. Given our extensive track record with our property partners, we seek the best deals that would not be accessible otherwise.

The last step would be to make the final choice and move forward with the paperwork that is required to secure the office space. OfficeList is involved from the day you decide to search office space up to the day you sign the lease and then move into the office of your dreams. But it does not stop there. We will always be available for any future requirements you might have at the space you found or if you ever need to move into a different one we can help you do that as well.

What you Need to Consider

Before we help you with your office search, there are some factors you must consider. Location, cost, size, furnishing, management, contracts, utilities and parking are just a few of the variables that come up when performing an office space search. Let's revise the main aspects our account managers will ask you to make sure you end up in the best location you can possibly be in to achieve all your business goals.

Where are you looking for office space?

This will probably be the first question we'll ask you. Let's know everything from the state, city, and area you want your office to be. If you have any preferences regarding an urban or rural space, this is the perfect time to communicate it. Along with this information, you can ask for locations with public transportation nearby or any other conveniences likes banks and restaurants. The more information you give us, the best. This will narrow the search to find spaces that actually meet your expectations.

Calculate how much space you need

Acknowledge your future office is priced by the square foot. Therefore, you need two elements to complete the equation: How many employees do you have? And, how much space does each employee need?

You can use our Ultimate Guide to Calculate Office Space for you to find out the exact footage you need and what you must consider when calculating space.

The nature of your business

The office you'll want will be extremely different whether you have a law firm or you're a massage therapist. All of the locations we partner with have a distinct characteristic and vibe that will best go with each business. Therefore, it's extremely important for you to explain us the core responsibilities, tasks and goals you are expectingto accomplish in your new office. Additionally, there are some office buildings with restrictions that wouldn't work for your company's main goal. For instance, there are the ones that don't permit health-linked companies that need to deal with patients and others that prohibit product exhibition.

Office budget

Have a clear financial view of your business so you can determine how much you have to spend in a location. Nevertheless, remember all of our offices include amenities and services you can take off from the "expense list". For example, these office buildings cover cleaning services, a staffed front desk, and IT support.


Bring a checklist on tours

If you have numerous locations to visit, make sure to bring a checklist. One of the biggest challenges on touring various offices is keeping track of all the details on each listing. You can make it as specific as you want to make sure you have all the bases covered.

Be a journalist

Ask simple questions to know what you will be responsible to pay.Who is going to pay for electric? Who is going to pay for property taxes? Who is going to pay for maintenance?

Know What You’re Allowed to Customize

You likely want to make your first office your own. Therefore, before signing the lease, know what you're allowed to do in the space without having any problems or extra charges for damages.

Contact us to speak with one of our account managers who will take the hassle of searching for an office space out of your hands and turn it into a productive and enjoyable experience. If you prefer, you can also browse our property offerings and select the ones that you are interested in. Whichever way you prefer, just remember that our one and only mission is to make sure you end up in the best office space for your specific needs.