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Serviced Office Space is More Than an Office

As soon as you start planning to move from your home office to a professional office, or when growing into a bigger space, it sinks in: an office is a lot more than just space.

Ideal for Small and Startup Companies

For instance, you have not realized how much it costs to furnish an office with chairs, desks, meeting room equipment, waiting areas, secretary space, break space, cafeteria, etc. That can add up to thousands of dollars up front, before your company even starts generating revenue, or when it's just starting to grow.

Key for Large Corporations

Think of a Fortune500 company and opening branches, moving executives around the globe, or having abroad projects for short periods of times. In those situations, you probably don't want to send your executives with the U-Haul Truck to set up their own space. So for existing companies, serviced office space is also they key, because it saves time, money and maintains professionalism.

Doesn't get better than that, right? Actually, it does. We looked at the difference between the cost of a traditional office rental and a serviced office space, using New York City as an example.

Set Up Cost of a 4 Person Office NYC:

Office Needs Traditional Space Serviced Space
TOTAL $29,750.00 $4,000.00
Space $4,000.00 $4,000.00
Office Furniture $10,000.00 Included
Conference Room $12,000.00 Included
Phones $1,000.00 Included
Phone & Internet /mo. $300.00 Included
Utilities /mo. $250.00 Included
Receptionist/Secretary $2,000.00 Included
Café/Drinks, etc. $200.00 Included

During the first month you will spend seven times more in a traditional space, and after that, your basic monthly expenses will be 50% greater. You probably also need to fix that annoying copier and spend half a day on the phone trying to fix the internet service. None of those are covered in a traditional office but are included in a serviced executive center.

One Monthly Bill

An all inclusive bill will be on your door every month or perhaps you can have that charged to your company's credit card without even noticing, so the paperwork will be pretty much null whereas at a traditional office you will have to keep track of invoices and also make sure you pay on time every month.

Premium Locations

A fully equipped office is also most likely to be in a premium location. Office operators locate the best spots for business and rent entire floors so they get deals on the lease that your company would most likely never achieve. Therefore you pay just a fraction of the cost for that premium address that will look so good on your business cards.

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