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Short Term Office Space

What is a short-term office lease and why haven't I heard of it before?

Long-term leases used to be the norm.

Businesses are used to long complicated leases that tie them up and provide little to no flexibility. If you ask a seasoned professional why, they will answer "that's how it's always been". Times have changed and that is not how it has to be. Don't get me wrong, some companies can truly benefit from long term conventional leases, but most don't. Our country was built on the backs of small companies and entrepreneurship. Why then, has the commercial real estate industry not catered to them? Comfort or laziness perhaps. Sign a 10-year lease and let their investment pay for itself.

Small businesses have office needs. Short term office rentals provide greater flexibility to the backbone of our economy and allow small businesses to thrive. That may sound like a stretch, but inefficient real estate cost management can be a major burden on any company. Let's take the example of Isabella. A small business owner with aggressive growth plans. Her company has been growing steadily as have her staffing needs. Isabella is presented with one of two sub premium choices:

  • Does she sign a lease for more space than her company currently needs? This creates an unnecessary burden on her cash flow.
  • Or does she take office space for her current head count? This limits the company's growth due to elements completely unrelated to its trade and market demand.

These two factors seem completely absurd yet are a widespread problem. Now that we have exposed the problem, and a major one at that, let's take a look at the solution.

Small businesses and entrepreneurs benefit from short-term office space.

Business is dynamic and ever changing. With short term offices, we ensure our workspaces are as well. One of the perks of being an entrepreneur and business owner is that everyday is a challenge and many days are full of surprises and opportunities. Workspace flexibility allows us to be better prepared to face these and flourish. I'll emphasize this once again, we cannot underestimate the impact ill-managed office resources can have on your company's bottom line.

Executive Office Suites are the perfect short-term office rentals.

Imagine this: Your company gets short-term flexible lease terms and full service space. You move into you new office in a day. You get as much space as you need for as long as you need it. You can expand or contract the amount of space you pay for based on your needs. Furniture, Internet, phones, meeting rooms, staffed reception area, and even coffee are included. Meet Short-term office space heaven. Finally a workspace that serves your specific requirements, not one that demands you to adapt to its "inflexible nature". Take back control of your workspace!

What better place to find your perfect short term executive office than in Miami, Florida? With some of the best selection of executive offices, Miami offers exclusivity and luxury at the some of the most sought after locations. Find that perfect short-term rental in Miami, Florida today!

If Florida is not your first choice, OfficeList provides free info on over 2,000 locations throughout the US and Canada and (also free) assistance to ensure you find the right short term office that helps your business thrive. Give us a call and our local experts will point you in the right direction. No strings attached. Really.

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