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About Us

OfficeList has placed well over 10,000 companies and professionals at nearly 2,500 locations throughout the US and Canada since our birth in May 2004. Serviced Offices, also known as Office Business Centers and Executive Office Suites, provide furnished, ready-to-move-in office space. You will benefit from our free impartial advise and the relationships we have built with operators throughout the last decade.

Account Management Team

Karen Hernandez


Direct: 786 871 6672 / Toll Free: 866 354 5478 ext. 102

Karen is a passionate and dedicated woman, who is in love with her job. Two years ago, coming back from Canada, where she lived with her family for over two years, she decided that she wanted a big twist in her professional career. Being fluent in three languages (English, French and Spanish) always gave her the chance to work at different industries. Karen first heard of Executive Suites from her brother, who also worked at OfficeList and now lives in Canada.


Adrian Dussan


Toll Free: 866 354 5478

I've been working at OfficeList since June 2008. I love being part of a team capable of achieving great things and find solutions to everyday challenges. Being able to share time with my wife and daughter is not only my biggest passion but the greatest blessing that I have received. As much as I tried, and I'm definitely not good with carpentry or drawing (guess I won't be the next Picasso)

Management Team

Jorge Peña


Direct: 786 871 6679 / Toll Free: 866 354 5478 ext. 201

I've been with OfficeList since July 2003, when everything started. I love having new challenges every day and making sure we are going in the right direction. I love golf and spending time with my family, I love learning how a 3 year old can teach you about life. I'm not good at wearing a suit and tie; I'm also not good at eating tomatoes and eggs. (Please don't invite me to a formal breakfast)

Uddy Carmi


Direct: 786 264 6633 / Toll Free: 866 354 5478 ext. 202

I've worked with OfficeList since it all started on July 2003. I'm a passionate entrepreneur and I'm proud of our team that has helped thousands find the right workspace. My passions are my wife Tania and my baby daughter Isabella, they make me the luckiest man alive. I love traveling, scuba diving, tennis, and (when inspired) golf. Where to start? Thank God for delegating and hiring people smarter than I.

Alex Restrepo


Direct: 786 408 2251 / Toll Free: 866 354 5478 ext. 110

Taking clients since July 2012. One of the things I love about my job is getting the appreciation from a client, after being entrusted with their office search & guiding them to the best fit. I really enjoy going to school and getting to learn new things, I've found myself to like Japanese culture a lot. I'm not the best sports player, and also not the fastest typer there is - I'm really trying to improve! (this bio took me 47 minutes to write...)