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About Us

Meet our team

When you get a group of exceptional people, you have a winning recipe. We know that we have a great responsibility to find an office that provides the flexibility to help your business grow and we don't take it lightly. We hire the best and our clients expect the same from us.

The secret ingredient

We run our business the same way we live our lives. Driven, transparent, honest, and giving. We give our best to try to generate a positive impact in those who come in contact with our brand.

A business built on experience

As an entrepreneur our CEO, Uddy Carmi, met regularly with friends and colleagues who also run their startups. A common concern was frequently discussed: they all struggled to find an office that would inspire their teams while aligning with their business goals and projections. Traditional office space is inflexible by nature. Business, in contrast, is extremely dynamic. There had to be a better way. That's when he knew he wanted to get involved in helping shape the future of work.

We got this

OfficeList does one thing and does it like no one else. We care about our clients and go the extra mile to understand their needs and offer the right solution. Each client is different and every flexible office we offer has its defining character and solutions. The magic happens when we find that sweet spot and create that match.

Account Management Team

Karen Hernandez


Direct: 786 871 6672 / Toll Free: 866 354 5478 ext. 102

Karen is a passionate and dedicated woman, who is in love with her job. Coming back from Canada, where she lived with her family for over two years, she decided that she wanted a big twist in her professional career. Being fluent in three languages (English, French, and Spanish) always gave her the chance to work in different industries. Karen first heard of serviced offices from her brother, who also worked at OfficeList and now lives in Canada.

George Garcia


Direct: 786 871 6673 / Toll Free: 866 354 5478 ext. 103

George is an outgoing person who thinks we can aim higher when working in a group for a set common goal. A jack of all trades with the necessary experience to guide clients in their search for office space. Also an avid music collector and very interested in cultural endeavors.


Adrian Dussan


Toll Free: 866 354 5478

Adrian loves being part of a team capable of achieving great things and finding solutions to everyday challenges. Being able to share time with his wife and children is not only his biggest passion but the greatest blessing he has received. As much as he would love to, he has realized carpentry and drawing are not his strengths. We guess he'll have to settle for being the Picasso of coding.

Juan Guillermo Leal


Toll Free: 866 354 5478 ext. 208

Juan is the person who keeps us down to earth. He appreciates life like no one we have ever met and always remembers us to value where we came from. His favorite moments are beside his family and experimenting in the kitchen. Yes, you heard right! Even though he likes to code and computers; his secret passion is cooking. Sauces are his specialty, we definitely love his BBQ sauce, the VIP guest on every gathering we have!

Management Team

Uddy Carmi


Direct: 786 264 6633 / Toll Free: 866 354 5478 ext. 202

Uddy is a passionate entrepreneur and started OfficeList to solve a problem so many start-ups face: traditional office space does not provide the level of service and flexibility companies need. He then realized the team was not just helping start-ups and professionals but companies of all sizes. His passions are his wife and two gorgeous kids, that makes him the luckiest man alive. He also loves traveling, scuba diving, tennis, and (when inspired) golf. His favorite quote around work: "Thank God for delegating and hiring people smarter than I".

Danielle Lozano


Direct: 786 871 6676 / Toll Free: 866 354 5478 ext. 106

Danielle is a veteran in customer service and business relationships and has proven her passion for sales and teamwork. Currently attending Business School, Danielle is preparing herself to become an influential leader in our industry. In her spare time -Wait, what spare time?! Between work and college, she feels lucky when she can get a full night's sleep.

Camila Restrepo


Direct: 786 408 2257 / Toll Free: 866 354 5478 ext. 207

Camila is our new poet on board. She loves writing and finds in every sentence the world to explore. Passionate about digital marketing and public relations, she has come to make of OfficeList a reference for those seeking to be part of an entrepreneurial community. When she is not searching all around the internet, you might find her on the nearest pizza restaurant eating all the pepperoni slices she can!