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Private Office

A lockable, furnished office that guarantees you and your team privacy while benefiting from the amenities and services of a flexible office solution.


Growing and established companies that want their own space, work with sensitive information or people that want a bit more quiet to get things done.


An open office layout shared with other companies, freelancers and professionals. Choose from different workplace configurations such as hot desks and dedicated desks.


Startups, small teams, freelancers or part-time workers that like to network and mingle with other like minded professionals.

Virtual Office

Service that permits companies to work remotely, while having access to meeting rooms, receptionist, call handling and a professional address.


Ideal for professionals who travel constantly, for entrepreneurs who don't need a full-time office, or for those that work from home and need a prestigious address and some hours of conference room for occasional meetings.


I had a great experience with OfficeList. George was extremely helpful. He stayed on top of things and finally found an office for me. Finding a small office to fit my budget was extremely difficult. Most offices around my area were much larger than I needed. George stayed with it and he found one for me. Hopefully I will be growing and needing a larger space this summer and George would be the only person I would contact. He’s a good man.

Mark Baim

CEO, EverDry

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