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14th St & Oak St - Arlington, VA 22209

Those who have offices here are often told by clients and friends that they have the most impressive office they have ever seen. This is because our center combines elegant, spacious offices with the most spectacular views in the Washington, D.C. area... most offices have 10- ft., wall-to-wall windows with unparalleled views of the Potomac, Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, Jefferson Memorial, the Capitol, Iwo Jima Memorial, the Pentagon, the Kennedy Center, the Wategate, even Fedex field on the far side of the city! We favor transparent, all-inclusive pricing.... all services (high-speed internet; telephone equipment and service; printing and photocopy; ample tenant and guest parking; utilities, conference rooms, etc) available; most tenants take advantage of a reasonably priced service package to cover all expenses... long-distance telephone billed on cost-basis... office occupants are attorneys, wealth-management specialists, consultants, lobbyists, etc. You enter the offices using a private, ground to penthouse elevator, and will enjoy a level of space generally not available nowadays: most of the offices are in the 250 sq. ft. range, and feature high ceilings (some offices are smaller). Many of our occupants started out with short-term leases and have stayed for years-- this is our goal. National Airport is just minutes away, as are Ritz-Carlton and Hyatt Hotels, and numerous restaurants of all ranges. An additional unique feature is the contiguous conference and reception facility, which is available to office tenants on a preferred or complimentary basis. This spectacular facility has the same amazing views as the offices, and can be used for large conferences (up to 180). The room also can by subdivided for smaller meetings. The facility also may be used for receptions-- a sunset event on our terrace overlooking the city is an experience your clients and guests will always remember.

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All businesses are not created equally. That's not to say there aren't similarities and common traits from one to another, but as a general rule you would never hire the same type of people as an engineering firm if you're running a roofing business. It wouldn't make any sense. So why would finding the right work space be any different?

That being said, there are plenty of reasons one might consider looking for office space for rent. A brand new company that's trying to get established and needs a place bigger than a city apartment is one common reason. Other businesses may need temporary solutions as they renovate their primary commercial space or before moving to a new facility. No matter which kind of space your company requires, OfficeList has a variety of options that will fit your needs.

Perhaps you've just discovered the office space you've occupied for years suddenly has a rodent or insect infestation of some kind. You can't afford to close down the entire business as you wait for extermination services to take care of the unwelcome intruders. Instead find temporary office space for rent and move your operations on the fly for the couple days it will take.

There's also the possibility that you are hosting a meeting with clients, partners, or prospective ones, and your cozy office space that works great for the five employees you have just won't cut it. In most cities, you can now find group or conference room office space for rent. Most are so flexible they'll even let you rent it for just the couple hours your meeting will last.

Whether you're looking for a place for a year, months, weeks, days, or even couple of hours, temporary office space for rent can meet the needs of entrepreneurs young and old. OfficeList offers online listings across the country so you don't even have to leave the confines of your current building to find the space you need.

Looking for office space for rent? Find out more about the different types of office space available.

Entrepreneurs, small companies and large corporations have different needs and can therefore benefit from different office configurations. Read our Office Rental Guides on Executive Office Suites, Team Rooms, Temporary Office Space, Virtual Offices, Coworking Spaces, and more to fully understand your options and choose the type of rental office space for your business needs. Alternatively, call us toll free and our market specialists will inform and assist you throughout your search.

OfficeList, your office space rental agency, has helped thousands of companies find an office in the areas they need. Whether it was a large corporation looking to rent office space in New York, a production company who needed a space to rent in Los Angeles, a contractor who needed a temporary space in Washington DC, a trader who needed a shared office in the Chicago Loop or an entrepreneur who needed a furnished office in San Francisco. Try our free service! OfficeList, search today, move in tomorrow!

Private Office

Executive Office

It's a private office, lockable with some amenities included in the lease; the space is staffed and furnished. Common areas such as kitchen, lobby, conference rooms are shared.

Team Rooms

Team Rooms

But what if you have a group of 20, 50 or 100 people? We also have large offices for your team. We have several private offices within one space or an open area only for your company. These spaces come furnished or unfurnished.

Temporary Office Space

Temporary Office Space

A day, a week, a month? Sure, we can help! Whether it's just for you or for a large group we know which spaces are available.

Virtual Office

Virtual Office

It's a professional business address to receive mails, packages and meet clients. You will have occasional access to office space or meeting room. Great option for people who work from home or travel constantly.

Coworking Space

Coworking Space

Ideal for young companies, entrepreneurs and modern professionals who are looking for a space where they can network, collaborate and work for a reasonable cost under a relaxed and professional environment.