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After spending 1,000s of hours assisting our clients identify and choose office space for their individual business needs, we decided to compile a resources section dedicated to providing helpful information about the different types of office space most commonly available and searched for.

Office Space Types

Private Office

Executive Office

It's a private office, lockable with some amenities included in the lease; the space is staffed and furnished. Common areas such as kitchen, lobby, conference rooms are shared.

Team Rooms

Team Rooms

But what if you have a group of 20, 50 or 100 people? We also have large offices for your team. We have several private offices within one space or an open area only for your company. These spaces come furnished or unfurnished.

Temporary Office Space

Temporary Office Space

A day, a week, a month? Sure, we can help! Whether it's just for you or for a large group we know which spaces are available.

Virtual Office

Virtual Office

It's a professional business address to receive mails, packages and meet clients. You will have occasional access to office space or meeting room. Great option for people who work from home or travel constantly.

Coworking Space

Coworking Space

Ideal for young companies, entrepreneurs and modern professionals who are looking for a space where they can network, collaborate and work for a reasonable cost under a relaxed and professional environment.

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Useful Articles

We hope the resources below will help you answer some of the questions and/or concerns that you have associated with choosing the ideal office space your particular business.

Buying vs. Renting Office Space

Office Space For Rent
Companies of all sizes need to run their business from a professional environment. There are many options out there to accomplish this goal. Let's evaluate the alternatives...
Office Space For Sale
When companies grow it seems like buying an office space is a good idea. But sometimes it can be very limiting for further growth. Let's go over the pros and cons to make an informed decision.
Rent Office
Today's workplace trends have widened the offerings in regards to the type of offices available where you can conduct your business efficiently. We can help you find the perfect match.

Different Office Options

Shared Office Space
A fact about office space is that support areas like kitchen, bathrooms and conference rooms are empty most of the time. So why not share them with other companies and enjoy the benefits?
Instant Offices
You can find office space fast! More importantly, move into your new space in no time. Having zero downtime is one of the main benefits you will perceive.
Short Term Office Space
Businesses don't have to be tied to inflexible long term leases. Short term agreements and Executive Suites provide the ideal solution.
Small Office Space For Rent
Companies with a handful of employees are usually tied to the idea that they can't afford a spectacular office space. Let us show you how this can be done without breaking the bank.
Serviced Office Space
Running an office is not as easy as it sounds. With Serviced Office Space you literally outsource all the problems and intricacies of running the office itself to focus on your core business.
Flexible Office Space
Flexibility is a neccesary characteristic to succeed in today's business environment. Office space has been traditionally an enemy of flexibility but there are other options. Learn more about them.
Cheap Office Space
Spending every penny wisely is a top priority in any business. But did you know you can find cheap office space that does not sacrifice quality and location? Here, we show you how.
Furnished Office Space
Furnishing an office is expensive. Desks, chairs, kitchen supplies, meeting rooms, filing cabinets and network equipment start to add up. A furnished office space is the solution.

Tools and Info to help you rent an office

Search Office Space
Searching for the perfect office space can become a daunting task. We will hand-hold you throughout the process so you can focus on your business and avoid all the pitfalls along the way.
Office Buildings For Rent
Learn about the upfront costs, flexibility and down time of renting an office building. Find how you can make better use of your time to focus on your own business and not on real estate issues.
Office Lease Agreement
Lease agreements tend to be difficult to understand. With a flexible office space agreement all the complexity is stripped away. Let us show you how you can benefit from this type of setup.
Office Space Rental Rates
Not all office spaces are created equal. The same is true for their pricing structure. You need to consider many factors that affect office space rental rates and we'll show you which are key.
Office Space Calculator
Wondering how much office space you need to accomodate all your employees and have room to grow? Do you know how much it will cost? A real world example can help you figure it out.
Office Space Available
So many options. Here we show you the difference between Traditional Offices, Executive Office Suites, Coworking and Virtual Offices. Which one is a good fit for your business needs?