After spending 1,000s of hours assisting our clients identify and choose office space for their individual business needs, we decided to compile a resources section dedicated to providing helpful information about the different types of office space most commonly available and searched for.

Private Office

A lockable, furnished office that guarantees you and your team privacy while benefiting from the amenities and services of a flexible office solution.


Growing and established companies that want their own space, work with sensitive information or people that want a bit more quiet to get things done.


An open office layout shared with other companies, freelancers and professionals. Choose from different workplace configurations such as hot desks and dedicated desks.


Startups, small teams, freelancers or part-time workers that like to network and mingle with other like minded professionals.

Virtual Office

Service that permits companies to work remotely, while having access to meeting rooms, receptionist, call handling and a professional address.


Ideal for professionals who travel constantly, for entrepreneurs who don't need a full-time office, or for those that work from home and need a prestigious address and some hours of conference room for occasional meetings.

Useful Articles

We hope the resources below will help you answer some of the questions and/or concerns that you have associated with choosing the ideal office space your particular business.

Buying vs. renting office space: The truth behind it

Should you purchase an office space or is it better to rent a workplace for your team? Many would say that "renting money is making your landlord rich and not you". Right? However, does this same principle apply to office space? Consider there is a big difference between what you may be looking for in where you live and where you work.

How to rent office space without unpleasant surprises

Business life can be very hectic. Paperwork, meetings with clients, strategic presentations...Not to mention monthly financial reports and problematic coworkers. Now imagine having to deal with everything regarding office space search. We bet you're already exhausted, right? The good news isyou can count on our market specialist's guidance from the day you decide to search office space for rentup to the day you move into your new workplace. We're also providing these tips so you can take them into consideration once you've fall in love with any of our locations.

Ka-Pow!!! We got your office search

Ka-Pow!!! We got your office searchRunning a successful business is one of the most rewarding activities there are. But parallel to operating it there are various tasks that must be done but are not directly related to the company's main activities. One of these is the search for office space.

Lower your costs with a shared office space

Lower your costs with a shared office spaceIn today's economy it has become really important to make the best use possible of available resources. Office space is one of the most prominent expense items in a company and the foundation on which they can perform what they do the best. Therefore, it's also one of the most thoughtful decisions a business will make. Nevertheless, there's the possibility to lower fixed and variable expenses by sharing common areas with other business, while getting the most out of a professional community. This perfect equation is called shared office space.

Short-term office lease agreement: The latest trend

One of the scariest things when looking for office space is the office lease agreement. Today's economy makes it really hard to commit to a long-term agreement because companies are constantly facing changes. If you are about to sign an agreement for an office that implies you have to stay in that space for the next 10 years, consider this period is too long for you to know what changes will occur in your company.

The Ultimate Guide to Calculate Office Space

When looking for a new office space, there are many factors that will influence which workplace is the best for your team. For example, if there's enough space for the employees to be comfortable, if the office has a separate place for the team to interact, and if the noise level is appropriate for the tasks being done. We'll explain how to estimate the amount of space you will need and the factors you must consider when analyzing an office square footage.

What should you know about serviced office space

We know an office is more than just space. It's the place where your team will create an identity, accomplish goals and expand. That's why every penny must be wisely invested. The good news is real estate has evolved in order to help businesses grow, benefit from great services and networking events. The once real estate market that only used to accommodate you in a place now looks forward to offering you an experience. [Drum rolls]. Let's introduce you to serviced office space and its benefits.