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How to Get the Best Office Space Rental Rates

Executive suites are a great option if you are looking for office space. It is important to understand how office rental rates really work. It is deceiving to compare pricing between traditional space and executive suites, since they are two completely different products. At the beginning, when receiving a quote, you may think the price of a private office is a bit high, but if you are truly aware of what you are getting, you will definitely see you can actually save money. Remember you are not only paying for space.

When we talk about office lease rates, we mean something beyond a dollar amount per square foot because we are not talking about empty spaces. Rates can include access to common areas, kitchen and coffee, furnished personal offices that are fully serviced and reception staff that will help you manage your business. On move-in day, you can have phone lines, parking, and in some cases an on-site gym. The secret to getting the best price for office space is knowing the needs of your business and considering all of the factors that influence rates, so that you find the most appropriate office where everyone will be comfortable to work.

OfficeList is ready to help at any time. There is no one who knows how to get the best rates better than those who are constantly receiving information and building up relationships with the companies that offer executive suites, and the best thing: we do it for free.

Factors to Consider

Office space rental rates may vary depending on several factors:

  • Type of Office
  • Services and Amenities
  • Availability
  • Building Class
  • Lease Duration
  • Location

Availability can be an important factor when it comes to renting an office at a good value. When a building has a lot of space available, it means you will have a good chance to get good promotions as the centers will try to lease the office as soon as possible. If some factors such as office size and location are inflexible for you, identifying buildings with the most availability is a good place to start.

Business centers are also different from each other; they may have class B, class A, and high-end buildings, meaning the more prestigious you would like your business to look, the higher rental rates will come. When negotiating the price for your office rental, ask about the specific costs of inclusions to see if any business amenities can be removed to lower costs, or added to justify costs.

Length of the lease may also help you get a break in the rates. Even though every company is different, many of them will either decrease your monthly rent or perhaps they will give you incentives such as one or two months free. Office rates usually consist of a deposit and a monthly flat rate. They may or may not require a minimum length of time for an agreement. Always ask if there are promotions available.

Location plays a large role in the cost of an office rental. There can be periods of increased and decreased office demand and availability in different geographic markets, which greatly impact regional prices. Moreover, buildings in business districts with ease of access to cafes and transportation can charge a premium rate, especially in large cities, so businesses have to weigh the advantages and the costs of every possible location. It is increasingly popular for new businesses to opt for executive suites or co-working space in suburban or industrial areas outside of a major city in order to benefit from office perks and still save money. When considering a new office, there are several ways to make sure you get an affordable rental.

One needs to research all of these factors from availability to building class, and have an understanding of the rental market in the area. It would be truly demanding and exhausting to get to know the market before you start your search, and this is why the best thing to do, is to get help from the experts.

Find the Best Rate with OfficeList

At OfficeList we have a great team that is ready and willing to help you get the best possible rates on an office space lease. Our Account Managers are regional experts, and have been working on developing a great relationship with the center managers of the different companies. They are getting information on a daily basis regarding availability, pricing, and current promotions. There is no need to waste your time, just give us a call and we will take care of the rest.

Why not get help from the experts, especially when this help comes at no cost to you? We help people every day find a great office space to run and grow their business. Finding office space may not be a big challenge, but finding the best office space lease rates may be. That is the best part of what we do, we help companies grow and expand, and part of that is making sure every penny is wisely invested.

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