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Small Office Space for Rent

Companies of all sizes need an adequate space where they can conduct business. Large companies have the resources and the people devoted to take care of their office space needs and everyday management. But we need to remember that nearly all large companies nowadays started small.

Small companies need to make smart choices early in their growth cycle to guarantee a smooth transition once their business starts taking off and space requirements grow.

Say Goodbye to Traditional Office Rental Agreements

There are many small offices for rent in the market today, but not all of them are created equal. Small executive office rentals with short-term agreements and all the furnishings are usually the best option for small companies that are unsure of their future growth.

The traditional spaces usually come unfurnished and require a 5 year lease to be signed for the initial term. This poses two serious hurdles to a small but promising company.

The first one is that a large capital expense needs to be set aside to build and furnish the space. Desks, chairs, filing cabinets, storage furniture, telephones, network equipment, wiringÂ… the list goes on and on. Once you add up your budget, you realize how expensive it can be to set up an office. A small company is not likely to have money set aside for this purpose.

The second issue arises from the length of the contract. Let's suppose you currently run a small company comprised of 5 workers. Since you are committed to growth you will not rent an office space for 5 people; 7-9 might be a good number that will give you a bit of room to grow without having to cram people in. This in turn makes your office more expensive than what you need at first but is also limited to the 7-9 people setup you initially considered. If things go well and the company hits the 9 employee mark on the second year, you are still stuck for 3 more years on a small office that can't keep pace with the growing company. Executive suites were created to tackle these two issues and much more.

Reasons to Rent a Small Executive Office Space

Executive Office Suite Operators rent out very large areas in a building and create many small office spaces for rent in turn to sublease to smaller companies. They usually come furnished and with all network equipment ready for you to sit down and be productive within minutes. The large capital expense is no longer in the picture since the operator has taken the risk to assume that initial cost which will be amortized in many years of successful operation. The 5 year lease is also converted to a lease term that matches your needs. Most providers offer month-to-month contracts but offer higher discounts for 6 or 12 month terms (which are still way shorter than the 5 year traditional lease).

So, renting a small office space that is managed through an executive suite takes care of the two main problems a traditional lease poses. But there is much more to gain by going this way:

  • You pay for the number of spaces you need. As you hire more people you can take an additional spot and pay for it only when you need it. If you need to let someone go you can also adjust your contract to reflect that.
  • There are shared resources like kitchen, conference rooms, copiers, printers that you can have access to without having to pay their full price since they are shared among all the companies sharing the same big space.
  • The receptionist (included in the price) will take care of your calls, mail handling and greeting your customers. Secretarial services are also offered on an as needed basis for an additional fee.

At OfficeList we specialize in understanding small businesses requirements and matching them with the perfect executive office space. With over ten years of experience and an amazing group of account managers to take care of your office search, we are your best ally to make sure your office space is promoting growth inside your company.

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