See how a private office can change your business

A private office is a lockable office space provided to an individual or team. Although this area is separated from the open office layout, it retains all of the amenities and benefits from a flexible office space. This means, it is already staffed and furnished, and there's total access to common areas such as kitchen, lobby and conference rooms.

Besides, there are different types of private offices. For example, some of them provide windows with awesome views while other are interior which translate into significant cost savings. You can have a private office for yourself or opt for the possibility to house large teams.

These are some of the benefits of working from a private office

  • There's the possibility to expand in space as your company grows. This means center managers will help you accommodate in another office where footage is ideal for the new members on board. In other words, once you are part of the community, managers will help you with your specific needs which may include designing flexible configurations and making sure your storage needs are met. Their main goal is to be part of your success.
  • In a private office, you have more control and privacy. You can design the space with the layout that best works for your team, personalize your decor and put your business' logo on your door. If you're dealing with confidential information, there's no need to walk out of the building. The space gives you the freedom to meet privately with your team and your clients.
  • Since private offices are housed in shared space, terms are also flexible. In fact, you can rent the space for as little as a month, which gives you membership privileges. During the time you have the space rented, you have the possibility to work wherever your office provider operates.
  • You are not only granted access to basic office equipment but to all of the building's common areas which include conference rooms, large waiting areas, kitchen and modern business lounges. This will allow you to meet professionals from diverse industries who can help you solve an issue, refer clients and provide business services.
  • 24/7 access gives you control of your own schedule and work any day and time.
  • There's no need to hire extra staff to have everything running. Centers provide receptionist, janitorial, admin and IT support. Plus, they have everything ready for you to move in as soon as you sign the lease. The spaces are already furnished, wired, painted, and ready to use.