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Coworking space: The new basic

Coworking Space and Shared Office Space for Rent

When we talk about coworking spaces, people usually recall a creative space full of entrepreneurs and freelancers but fall short when describing it. What does it really mean to work with this type of layout? It this space only for startups and young people venturing into the business world? Let's walk you through a coworking space and its main office variations within.

First, it's necessary to understand that a coworking space is a workplace where you share the same work environment with other companies and professionals, thus making a community in the same area.

Due to its open space layout and diverse common areas, there's the facility to network and collaborate with other people. However, coworking is not only about brainstorming with others in the corridors or creating great connections during lunch. These spaces have different office types within that permit teams with particular necessities feel comfortable.

Accommodations you can find in a coworking space

Hot desk:
You have the possibility to plug in your computer in any of the desks available. Nevertheless, the same desk is not granted to you every day. You must sit wherever there's availability. With this plan, you have also access to the common areas and events held in the space.
Dedicated desk:
Different from a hot desk, with this type of accommodation you do have the same desk every day. Therefore, you can leave some of your personal belongings overnight and even decorate your desk however you want.
Private office:
It's really common for people to believe that coworking spaces only offer open-shared offices. The truth is, you can also find executive suites within so you or your team can have a private working environment while still being part of the community.
Conference rooms:
Conference rooms in a coworking space distinguish from traditional ones due to their creative layouts, the different tools available for teams to come up with new ideas and the room's surprising "personality".

For those who don't know, these type of workplaces characterize because since the minute you enter, there is a clear thematic and personality all throughout. For example, there could be coworking spaces that want to make their workplace all about their favorite drinks, so their rooms would be call Vodka, Gin, and Rum. Thereupon, all the decoration from furniture to accessories will point to this precise theme.

Advantages of working from a coworking space

  1. Internet access and plugs are available all around the building. Therefore you can work from wherever you feel. During the morning you can sit on the balcony and work while enjoying the sunny day, and then you can have an important call with one of your clients in one of the phone booths. In other words, the building's common areas and sitting variations are all for you to use them.
  2. There are several events for tenants to enjoy. From happy hours to conferences with famous entrepreneurs, coworking spaces focus on work-life balance. In other words, they try to offer in one same place everything a person needs.
  3. Coworking spaces can provide a more relaxed environment, networking, and collaboration among many professionals.
  4. You can enjoy awesome amenities like beer bars, delicious coffee, and sparkling water. Plus, there are some places that offer gym facilities, Friday breakfast, and lunch for their tenants.
  5. Many coworking spaces offer consultancy services for entrepreneurs to keep boosting their business. Also, when new members arrive, they are usually presented by managers to other companies so they can immediately make new connections.

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