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What is Temporary Office Space?

Temporary Office Space for Rent

By utilizing a temporary work space, companies and professionals benefit by having maximum flexibility while working at a professional, fully serviced office. When companies cannot commit huge amounts of capital to set up a long-term workspace, there is an alternative.

You can find temp offices in every major city in the US and Canada and most business parks and suburban areas throughout the 50 states. Based on your needs, you can rent a meeting room, desk, or private office for as little as one hour or a day.

Functional Features and Services

Although temporary office spaces are intended for short-term use, it's normal for them to be outfitted with the latest amenities to conduct your business:

  • Furnished offices
  • High speed internet and phones
  • Receptionist and mail receiving services
  • Conference and meeting rooms
  • Kitchen and break rooms

Due to the temporary nature of the rental, everything available is included. This provides enormous benefits to the end user so they can focus on their business, not on the painful process of finding an office and running it.

Reasons to Choose a Short-Term Office Space

With normal leases, typical lease terms range from twelve months to five years. This creates a huge risk for new and growing small businesses. When in growth mode, a one or three person company can quickly become a team of seven. When this happens, business owners have to deal with this fork in the road:

  • Minimize expenses and have the amount of space required for your current employees.
    Problem: Where will your future employees work from?
  • Plan ahead and have more space than currently required in order to accommodate growth.
    Problem: You are wasting out precious resources by paying for space you don't need.

Both alternatives fail at suiting your needs. That's where temporary office space comes in.

With temporary offices, companies commit to the lease or agreement length they feel comfortable with and expand or move when their growth demands it. These benefits also apply if conditions are tough and you experience a decline in staff.

Most businesses opt for three, six and twelve month agreements to ensure the deepest discounts. When their needs change throughout the existing lease, upgrading and/or taking more space is a breeze and can be arranged within one business day.

This can also be the right solution for medium sized companies and large corporations. While going through the cumbersome process of negotiating a long term lease and building out an office to suit their needs, established companies can set up a place to continue operations while the chaos dissipates and the dust settles.

To summarize, temporary offices will offer the flexibility and services to start or run a business and will be the greatest asset when in transition whether it's going on a hiring spree, or building that dream office that will inspire your ever growing team.

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