The secret ingredient

We run our business the same way we live our lives. Driven, transparent, honest, and giving. We give our best to try to generate a positive impact in those who come in contact with our brand.

A business built on experience

As an entrepreneur our CEO, Uddy Carmi, met regularly with friends and colleagues who also ran their startups. A common concern was frequently discussed: they all struggled to find an office that would inspire their teams while aligning with their business goals and projections. Traditional office space is inflexible by nature. Business, in contrast, is extremely dynamic. There had to be a better way. That's when he knew he wanted to get involved in helping shape the future of work.

We got this

OfficeList does one thing and does it like no one else. We care about our clients and go the extra mile to understand their needs and offer the right solution. Each client is different and every flexible office we offer has its defining character and solutions. The magic happens when we find that sweet spot and create that match.

Our Story


There has to be a better way

Our founders, frustrated with the disconnect between the rigid nature of office space and the dynamic nature of business decide to do something about it.

Search Today, Move In Tomorrow launches in the US market with hundreds of options for small companies to find the ideal Office Business Center.


Account Managers to serve you better

99.9% market coverage and we introduce our consultant to help our clients find their dream office.

10,000 Clients served

Pretty cool milestone for such a young startup.


Find Office Space in Minutes for Free

New website is launched with improvements and functionality.

Let’s talk aboot office space, eh?

OfficeList launches in Canada to great success. Full market coverage from day one and a natural expansion to our office portfolio.


50,000 Clients served

and counting.

New website - New user interface - New Business focus

For the last year or so, OfficeList has been digging deep to reinvent itself. This means, doing everything better and being true to our values and vision. We are focused on growth, helping our clients make better, informed decisions and leaving the world in better shape than we found it.